My two year Journey with Mozilla as a Mozillian

23 Jul

2013 Was a great Year for me as I started my contribution in open source Community , specially with Mozilla . I wanna recall my two years journey as a Mozillian .

I still can remember 8 October , when I first Joined Mozilla as a Firefox Student Ambassador (FSA). On 8 October , there was a event in my university called NSU FSA Meet Up(Intro) this is the first meet up of NSU’s FSA . This event is a blessing for me , here I have learnt a lot about Mozilla , Open Source , Mozilla’s Mission and Vision from Anam Vai and Tanha . After knowing that I have decided to be a volunteer of Mozilla and I am still proud of being that .


This event inspired me so much , that I decided to spread the mission of Mozilla in my campus . I and Tanha established a FSA Club in my campus which is known as NSU Firefox Community . On the last of 2013 we organized a event called 2nd NSU Firefox Student Ambassadors Meet-Up. Where we recruited a lot of club members.Now those recruited members are the active members of our club . In this event I have talked about Mozilla’s Mission and also taught them Webmaker . Click here to know more about that event .


In the last of January 2014 , We organized a Webmaker event . Me and the other members of our club had planned more than a month for making this event successful.  The participants of that event is the members of another two club of my campus . Those are English Club and Wireless Forum . The event is called Hackjam with NSUFSA,NSUWF,NSUEC. I took a session on this event and I had talked there about Mozilla , what is Mozilla , Its Mission and Vision , What is contribution in Mozilla , Why we do contribution also I discussed there about the ways of contribution in Mozilla. This session helped all the participants to chose their desired contribution way . Many of them are now contributing on that way. Click here to know more about that event .


On 21 February , I became the Co-Club lead of the Firefox Club of my campus (NSU Firefox Community) . This greater responsibility encouraged me a lot and after that I started working on community building .

On 3rd March , We organized a SUMO day in my University’s Library . We called this event as SUMO day with NSUFSA . In this event we selected a little amount of participants and we taught them AOA n Localizing Support Knowledge Based (KB) Article . I taught them localizing Support KBs and after that they chose a article and localized it and submitted it for review .Click here to know more about that event .


By the help of my little knowledge of Graphics , I started contributing on making Themes for Firefox . So far I made three themes. You can check them on ADD-ONS store

Screenshot from 2015-06-27 22:30:36

On 24 march , We organized another event in our campus with the great support of Mozilla Bangladesh community . This event is called
Mozilla @ NSU tech Fiesta . We successfully arranged 2 sessions (Firefox App Train and WebMaker intro) in this event . In this event I took a session on Thimble.  I talked about Thimble , showed participants how to use thimble and how to learn coding using Thimble.  Participants were become very interested after knowing about it.


On 12 April , I participated in SuMo KB l10n onsite Dhaka Sprint in BRAC University . Here I have learnt a lot about SuMo (Support Mozilla) and I localized SuMo KB articles here . This Sprint is a part of “Top 100″: the SUMO localization challenge! .


After that sprint I start contributing for finishing the challenge . We have successfully finish the challenge , a lot of contributor worked for it . I have learnt a lot from this sprint and challenge . I learnt that it is fun to localization and my contribution in localization helps a lot to those people who live in rural part of our country and who have little knowledge in English language . I also learnt  what a localizer faces when they start localizing. This things helped me a lot to mentor newbies .

Screenshot from 2015-06-14 12:40:14After that I got the opportunity to attend “Firefox 29 Launch Party” where I got the chance to meet with all the core contributors of Mozilla Bangladesh Community.That event is a remarkable event for me because here I introduced with more than 50 awesome Mozillians


On June , One of our national satellite TV broadcast a show on Mozilla and  Mozilla Bangladesh and I am surprised to see my campus and my photo their .


On that month we organized a Contributor Mentoring day where we mentor new contributors . We taught them Contribution ways, mailing list,IRC,Persona,Bugzilla etc. We also demonstrate Firefox OS there . Those contributors became very happy to use Firefox OS.


I met with Ben Moskowitz for a App maker Party .  He shared his planning and shared about Mobile appmaker . Appmaker for Mobile , that was an exciting news for us . I learnt how to make apps using Appmaker for Mobile from him.


After that party I went to Rajshahi for attending SUMO KB L10n Onsite Sprint Rajshahi,RUET. It was my first MozTour and I was very excited . I helped participants in localizing SuMo Support KB on the sprint. Here I got the chance to meet with some awesome Mozillians of Rajshahi. Click here to know more about that Sprint.


On September, I became the technical Club lead of my University’s club . That time , Maker party season was going on . After becoming a technical Club lead , I organized a Maker Party in University . I taught Thimble , App Maker and X-Ray Googles to my university’s student there.


I also organized another maker party in my friend’s roof top with some of my friends . Where I discussed about Mozilla , FSA , contribution ways etc. They become so excited after my discussion and all of them signed up for FSA. I also taught them Thimble,Popcorn maker , X-Ray Google and Appmaker. They became so excited to learn that, after learning they start making makes. Click here to learn more about that Maker Party .

dsc00690One day I saw in Facebook that Blog Moderator is hiring for Mozilla BD blog . I applied and I had selected . From that day I am contributing as a blog moderator of Mozilla BD blog .

Screenshot from 2015-06-14 13:36:23

Then , I got to meet Gen Kanai in Team Mobilizer Bangladesh’s first meeting regarding Firefox OS launch in Bangladesh.He was really an awesome man and we had discussed a lot about Firefox OS launch with him .


I started learning app developing for Firefox OS and on October my first app Tasbih was published on Firefox Marketplace . So far there of my apps was published on Firefox Marketplace . People praised a lot about those apps and those apps got good ratings from users. You can install those apps from here.

Screenshot from 2015-07-20 23:48:59

On November I participated in  #ChooseIndependent campaign with my Club members .


9 November is the 10th  birthday of Firefox , Our local SuMo community planned to localize all the Firefox based articles before its 10th birthday and present this as a gift . I was the coordinator of this project . We not only 100% localized all the articles of Firefox but also 100% localized Firefox for Android , Firefox OS and Webmaker ‘s articles. We made all the bars of those products are green . Click here to know more about this gift.

I participated in Firfox OS App Challenge Training and learnt a lot about Firfox OS App develop from Jan Jongboom .

I celebrated the 10 years of Firefox with Mozilla Bangladesh. #fx10


I got the opportunity to become a guest of Firefox OS App Challenge Gala Night. Which was held in GP House. Its an amazing experience to meet with all the winners of Firefox OS App Challenge .


On February of 2015 I organized a meet up event called THE 3RD RECRUITMENT & MEET UP OF NSUFC!! on my campus . My FSA Club members helped me a lot to organized this meet up . We got almost 100 new FSA from this meet up . Here I have talked about Open Source and Firefox Operating System. I also discussed the App developing process and Firefox marketplace. Click here to know more about this meet up .


On march , I became the Top SuMo contributor (Localization) of Bangladesh (bn-BD)

Screenshot from 2015-07-23 01:20:24

On April I organized a Firefox OS app train event in my university . It is called App Train @ NSU . This is my first event where I taught people how to develop apps for Firefox OS . I talked about the Architecture of Firefox OS (Gaia,Gecko and Gonk) , Firefox OS API and showed them how to create apps by creating a basic Hello World app .I also showed them how to run that app both in Simulator and Firefox OS device.


On 16 may, I participated on QA (Quality Assurance ) Contributor Mentoring Day . Where I tested the beta release of Firefox. I also tested some add-ons on new release of Firefox for checking whether those add-ons work perfectly or not on that release.


I was selected to participate on SuMo Community Meet up version 1.0 which was held on 29 and 30 may . This is a meet up of SuMo Contributers all over the Bangladesh . All participants were selected based on their previous contributions on SuMo . I have learnt here many thing . After this meet up I decided to contribute in SuMo Forum and Kitsune . Click here to know more about this meet up


I feel so lucky after participating in Mozilla Bangladesh Community Meetup 2015 . It was a two days residential meetup event where all the Mozilla Bangladesh leaders had joined to plan the better future for our beloved community. Here I have learnt a lot of things from Brian , Rosana , Laura and other Mozilla Bangladesh’s leaders.


After meet up I am working on Webmaker Content Creation Task force . Which is working for Webmaker App launch on Bangladesh . I participated on som Webmaker content creation workshop which is conducted by Laura .


On june I worked on Global Top 100 KB Localization Milestone Sprint for bn-BD . We also achieved the milestone of completing 100% Template, Firefox FAQ Page

Screenshot from 2015-06-26 14:46:23

On July I organised a Mozcoffee event in my university . It is a part of FoxYeah campaign .I took a session there on Mozilla’s ‘FoxYeah’ campaign . I described some new and useful features of the latest Firefox there . Those are  Pocket, forget button Firefox Account for Synchronization, Private browsing and Firefox Hello etc . Click here to know more about this event


Thank You for reading this long blog post . I don’t have the memory to remember all of my memories but I tried to collect as much as possible . I passed two awesome years with Mozilla . Thank You Mozilla and all my fellow Mozillians for making those two years so exciting . I enjoyed a lot . Hope I will pass a looooot of years with Mozilla and awesome Mozillians  (In sha Allah) 🙂

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